Friday, November 7, 2008

Lux Baby Blanket

Every baby needs 1 super soft blanket, right? And, don't expectant mothers need them too? In say, a King size? Oh, how I loooove these ultra soft and silky minky fabrics.

However, when I was at the fabric store picking up the materials to make this blanket, a nice lady asked me what I was going to make out of them. When I said I was making a baby blanket, she shook her head and said "Nope, not a good idea. Your baby is going to slip right out of that blanket."

Is that true? Don't all of you Mothers out there have one of these? I hope you can tell me she's wrong, because I promptly ignored her advice and made this blanket anyway. I just want to wrap him up in something nice and soft every once in a while.


candicerail said...

I have never heard that. We do have an ultra soft minky blanket, but I loved it so much that we did not often use it...I did not want to ruin it. So, I have never tested the 'baby slip out of the blanket' theory.

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

you could always test the theory out... if the baby falls out she's right! ;)

brooke said...

Elle still sleeps with her "silky". I am sure if you picked your baby up by the blanket only (don't do that) then maybe that could happen.

Brittany and Derek said...

Hey Lauren! I didn't realize that you had a separate 'nesting' blog- how clever! ...anyways, don't you just love the unsolicited advice?'ll just keep on coming! My favorite blanket is the barefoot dreams blankets- Jack's favorite too. I too would LOVE one in a grown up size!