Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I need your advice

I had a Doctors appointment yesterday and found out that I am dialated to a 1, and I am 80% effaced. I don't fully understand what that means, but my Doctor said that technically I could go into labor any time!

The problem is - I'm not ready. In fact, I'm kind of freaked out. I am three weeks and one day from my due date - I thought I would have time to finish all the things on my list. That's the kind of person I am. I have to feel prepared, and that requires finishing my LIST! ( I know I'm a little crazy) Of course, this baby could come exactly 3 weeks from now, but you never know do you?

That's the thing about pregnancies, and birthing stories - they're all different and unpredictable. Which is a very hard thing for a control freak like me. So, until I go into labor I am going to make a short list of absolute needs only, and work on that.

So, my question is, what do I need? What do I take to the hospital? Is there anything I won't be able to live without? I have some ideas of my own, but I have been known to be very dramatic, and now is no exception. So, if you have any advice on this subject I would very much appreciate it.


Dan said...

take a book for Shane to read, if you get the epidural and then relax. I wish I had a book to read for Jane's birth. We were relaxed and bored for a while, with nothing to do.

Candice said...

You do not need much. Take an outfit for the baby including a hat and a blanket for warmth (they say to wash it in advance with a really gentle detergent like Snow or something). Take a going home outfit for you.

A car seat is a must. We got our car seat installed at Primary Children's, although that is not a mandatory. Fire stations and hospitals do it for free. You will soon become of master of the 'latch' system.

Andrew brought an entire bin of activities for himself and I. I brought snacks for him, but he did not really need them. Bring DVDs and books. You can probably bring a craft or two.

Like Dan said, if you get an epidural(recommended) it is pretty relaxed. Just enjoy your alone time with Shane. Babies really are not that high maintenance in the beginning. From your blog, I am positive that your son has everything that he needs and more.

Mostly he just needs you.

Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

No, you don't need much. For Jane, I just brought what I needed to be comfortable for an overnight stay, maternity clothes to go home in (cause I was still big) and then Jane's homecoming outfit. I brought too much for Hannah. Also everything Candace said. Don't forget the car seat b/c they probably won't let you go home.

Bring an extra pair of PJ bottoms, if yours is anything like Hannah's (TMI but I bled a lot).
Another thing that's not a must but nice is some treats or food you enjoy. My friend brought me chocolates and yummy beverages, which was a nice break from the hospital food.

For home: diapers, blankets, onesies, sleepers, burp cloths.
Oh and Soothies when you get sore from nursing ;)

Stacy said...

For the hospital a comfy bra or shirt to wear under your gown so you aren't feeling exposed when people come to visit. Shawn just read a book and got on his laptop and took lots of pictures. Honestly, all i really wanted to do was sleep during labor and after and i would recommend getting as much sleep as you can while the nurses are taking care of your little one - because when you get home, its all you! Once we were home i was really glad we had a swaddle that velcroed so it couldn't come loose because Avery slept better when swaddled and normal blankets came untucked. You also might want to have nursing pads handy. You will do so great, good luck!

Ben and Summer said...

OR your baby could be born 4 - 4 1/2 weeks from now! I was dilated to a 1 for a long time - like 3 weeks, so it definitely doesn't mean that you're going into labor tomorrow - although it could:) I would say that "must-haves" for the hospital include items that will help you feel fresh, clean, and pretty again. Which might take some doing - shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, makeup (if you want), and some clothes to come home in. Oh, and clothes for baby to come home in, although your hubby will probably go home sometime while you're there and can get things you forget. Also if you're planning on having an epidural, some movies or books or something to do while you're waiting.
And that whole control thing? Might go out the window for a while with a new baby:) Good luck, everything will turn out like it's supposed to!
Wow, this is long. Sorry!

Mel said...

Toothbrush. Mascarra.

kellymccaleb said...

car seat.
that's it!

Rachel said...

There are also some things you'll need right when you get back home. I made the mistake of not planning for that and had to go the the store still sore and feeling yucky.
I forgot nursing supplies: bra, pads, etc. I also didn't think I would need maxi-pads, but definitely did. And I had to get tucks (astringent pads). Anyway, I know that's all really practical and not fun stuff, but it's less fun having to go the store on the way home from the hospital.

Ben and Shara said...

-Pjs. More than one pair, because after the delivery you will want to get out of those hospital clothes asap.
-Bra, A nursing bra isn't mandatory even a sports bra will work at first. Perhaps a few nursing pads but most girls' don't have their milk come in until a few days after the hospital.
-Overnight kit. toothbrush, makeup, the basics only. I packed way too much with my first.
-The rest of the supplies can be provided by the hospital. They have tons of stuff available, and they are billing you anyway. Diapers, maxis, other gross stuff you don't want to know about, oh and don't forget to ask for the nursing soothies and cream.

abby said...


I have this great list a friend of mine from Martha Stewart put together (for the hospital and after) if you would like me to send.

I had a wonderful time with your family this past weekend. They really are an amazing bunch!

Wishing you the best,
(your cousin) Abby