Monday, June 22, 2009

F.S. - Wheat

There are three types of wheat that you need to be familiar with.

1.Hard Red Wheat - Stores the longest, has the most protein and lowest moisture content of the three, and has a stronger harsher flavor. It is the cheapest per pound, around $.70

2.Hard White Wheat - Has a milder flavor, can be used for breads, pancakes etc.

3. Soft White Wheat - Has the highest moisture content of the three, will produce more tender baked goods, and is best for pastries, pastas etc. It is the most expensive per pound around $1.20

All of these will store for years - longer than you need them to as long as they are kept in air-tight containers.

Fresh ground wheat flour will produce better bread, but it loses 90% of its nutritional value in 72 hrs if it is not refrigerated. Fresh ground flour also goes rancid - treat it like a dairy product.

If you are baking with older wheat, you can add dough enhancer (found at kitchen stores - bosch, orson gygi, william sonoma) to improve the flavor and texture - 1 T per cup of ground flour.

If you are baking with hard red wheat, you can add some yogurt as a tenderizer.


1. Active Dry Yeast - needs to be proofed, use water just above your body heat, and your dough will need a double rise.
2. Instant/Rapid Rise Yeast - does not require proofing, is better with warmer water, and your dough does not require a double rise.

Store your yeast in your freezer, opened or unopened.

Please leave comments if you have any questions, and I will leave answers.

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ashley said...

do you put the little rapid rise yeast in the freezer as well? Should I throw mine out if it's been in the cupboard? Shoot...