Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Baby Turned 1 Today

I can't believe it's been a whole year since this little man came into my life. It has gone by so fast! And, he has become so much a part of me that I can't remember life without him.

The first thing I would say to describe James is that he is HAPPY. He loves people, he is confident and adventurous, and very clever. He is also the sweetest boy, and when I look at his little face my heart feels like it is going to burst.

Some of the things that James did his first year.......

12 rides on an airplane
6 road trips
Visited 7 states
Took 1 Cruise to Mexico
Went to the Beach, the Lake, and the Mountains
Had 4 double ear infections
1 pretty serious UTI/Kidney infection
1 bout of the Flu
Learned 5 words
Acquired 8 teeth

Rolled over at 2 weeks
Rolled both directions at 2 months
Smiled at 5 weeks
Laughed at 8 weeks
First tooth at 4 months
Solid foods at 5 months
Sitting up at 5 months
Eating what we ate at 6 months (the kid loves food)
Crawling at 7 months
Standing up at 7 months
First steps at 9 months
Said Mama and Dada at 9 months
Walking at 11 months
First word - Dog, 2nd bottle, then 3rd Lucy at 11 months
Plays Patty cake, itsy bitsy, and popcorn popping at 11 months.

James has never taken a pacifier, and only recently he has shown an attachment to his Pig stuffed animal, and the blue fuzzy blanket we brought him home from the hospital in. James loves food - just like his mama, and he will eat anything - Sushi, Thai, Korean, chopped salad - I mean anything, but he loves bananas, broccoli, carrots, ice cream, any kind of bread or pancake, and yogurt. He loves to play games, especially patty cake, and he skips just ahead to the roll-it part, because he loves to do the hand motion. He is very independent, but he likes to stay around where Shane and I are. His favorite toys are eye glasses, any kind of ball, and his toothbrush. And, although I could go on for days, the last thing I will say is that James has continued to adore his Dad like he has since came out of the womb and craned his neck toward the sound of Shane's voice. He LOVES his Dad, and only very recently is starting to show a similar attachment to me, which I think I deserve, although Dad is still #1

I am amazed at how fast he is growing and changing, and how much he learns and remembers, and I am amazed at how he has changed me.

Dearest James, (if you ever actually read this), I want you to know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your Dad and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for sending you to us. You have been pure joy in our lives, and WE LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!!!



Allison said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy on planet earth. Your auntie loves you!

Rachel K said...

Happy Birthday James! Hard to believe a year goes by so fast. Chloe is almost identical to James in her milestones and her first word was dog too! Pretty crazy! Congrats Mama...one year is a big deal!!

Christy Dyer said...

Such a fabulous journal entry. I'm sure he will love to read it in years to come if he is anything like his daddy.

Stacy said...

happy birthday james! you sure are cute.

G-rant said...

happy birthday sweet baby james! we miss you guys!
the mccalebs

Annie and Jake said...

sounds like a great year. Happy birthday James!

Kathy said...

He sounds like such a fun little guy. He is so cute!