Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reminiscing today...

Alright, so this is your typical picture you would expect a silly college girl to take on her study abroad. Everyone takes turns having their solo picture taken in a bizarre pose at some place - like the fountain in front of Buckingham Palace (where this was taken). This was 5 years ago.

This day, I was especially giddy, owing to the fact that I had just spent the day walking around Soho shopping, and goofing off on the Mall in front of the Palace. I bought a vintage Marc Jacobs dress, and ate 2 Magnum Bars - Almond, of course.

My dress...that I will never wear again, because it doesn't have sleeves.

BUT, even though I am a Married Mom, nearly 8 months pregnant, and cannot scamper off spending money on frivolous things in foreign countries with my girlfriends - I can drive over to the nearest Walmart and pick up a box of Magnum Bars, which have just recently been brought to the United States.

And, I can re-live (in my head) what it felt like to be carefree, with a waistline, as I spot and soak the laundry, and eat my chocolate coated ice cream bars.


Ben and Shara said...

WHAT? They make them in the frozen section???? I'm all over that!

Katherine Lewis said...

This is hilarious. Well, if this pregnancy recovery is anything like last time, we all know you'll be in that dress by September, maybe even August. I love that picture of you and Tiff.

Was your study abroad really 5 years ago? That doesn't seem right. When you're missing England, just call me. I miss it also. When I think about your study abroad, I think about your blog--that was the first blog I ever knew about or read and I didn't really get it. You tried to explain to me, but to no end. I kept wanting to write: laurenbarlow@blogspot.com in the search bar. I've come so far.

Thank you for announcing the Magnum Bar news. Now I know what to get my parents for their anniversary. We ate at least one a day while in Isreal.

Candice said...

We discovered Magnum bars in China. Welcome to the U.S. Magnum. Welcome to my freezer, Magnum.

Suzanna H. said...

One thing about you, Lauren, is that your hair ALWAYS looks gorgeous. Even messy, it is gorgeous. Lucky girl.

I miss London too (I went in 2002)!