Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Know You're Nesting.....

When you forget to buy milk at the store, because you're too busy looking at cleaning products, and filling your cart with:

Everyday shower cleaner, deep cleaner, and CLR
Wood cleaning wipes, everyday spray, and wax/protectant solution
Stainless steel wipes, and deep cleaning spray
3 different kinds of pre-wash treatments for your laundry and Tide Bleach pens
New bottles of hand soap for every sink in the house
Counter-top spray
A new mop
A new duster
And so on....

Then, upon arriving home from the store, you vacuum your garage floor........true story.


Candice said...

Wow. Again, you are awesome.

Ben and Shara said...

okay now that is interesting. Vacuuming? you need to chill and rest a little more.

I'm still awaiting pictures.