Monday, November 7, 2011

Preston's Blessing Day

Preston is totally official.  Shane gave him a beautiful baby blessing yesterday, assisted by his brothers, and we were able to spend some quality time with our other Dyer families.

It's killing you, right?  The cuteness?

We are DYING over this kid.

 Preston is the sweetest, happiest baby!  He loves to be held and kissed, and as long as you are looking at him and talking to him he never stops smiling.  

We love this kid like crazy.

BIG thanks to Minna for taking these pictures.


merideth said...

he is beautiful. congrats!! and i agree minna is amazing.

Christy Dyer said...

Angelic! just plain angelic!

Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

So, so glad we could (barely) be there. Can't wait to see him again!

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Onushua Fiza said...

Sweet baby, I like this post.

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