Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Other News...

My Charming, and Handsome, Multi-talented Husband brought me breakfast in bed this morning. He usually stays far away from the kitchen, and any cooking that might happen there.

However, he made me Delicious, Tender, Fluffy German pancakes today. They were perfect! I was so proud. And, not only that - he made whipped cream from scratch! And my syrup was warm! And, he brought me sliced mangos and grapes, and freshly squeezed juice!

I must have a domineering presence in the kitchen, because it seems that I have been suppressing Shane's inner gourmet. (He also made me braised chicken in Meyer lemon sauce over Linguini for dinner)

Thank you my love, for a wonderful day. You amaze me.


Mel said...

Joseph made me German pancakes too!!

Dan said...

That looks tasty. I made Minna eggs.